Local Artisans


Airheart Designs: Original pastels and cards.
D.Borsos   dborsos@lardeauvalley.com  PH: (250) 366-4325

Canterbury Leatherwork  PH: (250) 366-4427  GD Argenta BC V0G1B0

Cedar Spirit Native American Style Flutes www.native-american-flutes.com springisshining@yahoo.com

Grasshopper Lane Artworks: wood marquetry, oil and acrylics, soapstone sculpture, stained glass, face and body painting   Yvonne Boyd  GD Argenta BC V0G1B0 grasshopperlane@gmail.com  PH: (250) 366-4664

Kris De Saeger: Illustrator     Krisdesaegar@yahoo.co.uk   PH: (250) 366-4292

Instinct Photography     Phone (250) 366-0077
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/InstinctPetPhotography

EyeoftheMind Photography Louis Bockner http://www.eyeofthemind.zenfolio.com lbockner@hotmail.com

LaserdIt Laser etching and cutting on wood, stone, glass and acrylic.
http://www.laserdit.ca laserdit@lardeauvalley.com   PH: (250) 366-4206

Nature Photographer Jim Lawrence http://www.kootenayreflections.com jim@kootenayreflections.com

Sculptor Christopher Peterson large sculpting using local materials PH: (250) 366-4226

Shine Designs one of a kind felted hats and accessories  http://www.shinedesigns.ca elisashine@yahoo.com PH: (250) 366-0081

Soapstone Sculpting http://www.soapstone-sculpture.com springisshining@yahoo.com

Nichol Ward clay sculpture and mixed media nicholward@gmail.com http://www.nicholward.design PH: (250) 366-4454