RDCK commitments for Area D grants

Area D Grants for 2019

Further to my post regarding draft 2019 taxation, here are the 2019 commitments for Area D grants. Some are carry over from previous years, such as the Ainsworth Fire Society and the KDAA condenser.

Community Development
I have changed the use of this fund to focus on the areas where either taxation does not cover a services full cost, programs/infrastructure not covered by local government services or development opportunities (economic, social and/or environmental) for Area D. This fund is no longer for general small intakes, for those, I direct community groups to the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Funding now open. Link at the bottom.
Annual allotment is about $110,000

Community Development (PILTs)
Wildfire Mitigation Area D fuel prescriptions $13,000
LV Mosquito Abatement 2019 service $20,000
Kaslo JazzFest bus charter for festival $1,200
Kaslo Logger Sports annual MayDays event $500
Ainsowrth Fire Society building/equipment $15,000
NKLCSS xmas hampers $1,500
NKLCSS nobodys perfect $500
KDAA Arena condenser $10,000
Rural Dividend Rural Revitalization $20,074
Kootenay Lake flood mapping $2,500
LINKS/ Bear resistant bins (Area D only) $5,000
Pineridge Fire Smart Recognition $1,350
Amusden Rd Fire Smart Recognition $1,350
CK Food Policy ag land use policy $2,500
LINKS annual operations $4,000
Lease Lots Fire Smart Recognition $1,350
Argenta Fire Smart Recognition $1,350
Johnsons Landing Fire Smart Recognition $1,350

Community Works
CW are Federal funds I can direct. The funds criteria is set between the Federal and Provincial govt and requires 10 years of reporting. We have staff on hand to assist with these grant applications, intakes are about 3 months of processing time and must meet the criteria as set, I do not have the ability to amend the rules. Here are my 2019 commitments. Annual allotment is about $60,000 but the fund has built up.

Community Works 2018-2022
KiN backbone north $75,000
KORTs trails $30,000
Woodbury water system $15,000
Mirror Lake water system $30,000
Back Road water system $30,000
Schroeder Creekwater system $20,000
TOTAL: $200,000