Area D Director Watson hosting a meeting on the Duncan Dam Water use plan, Aug. 8th

Duncan Dam Water Use Plan

Are you interested in all of the research and monitoring that goes on for the Duncan Dam? This 12 page annual report scratches the surface of the details while outlining what programs have or are occurring along with the cost of them.

Given this is one of three dams built under the Columbia River Treaty, which was created for power and flood control, it boggles my mind that the Lardeau Valley experiences such power instability. Yes the dam could produce power, but it does not. Why? I have received a varied amount of answers….whatever they are, they do not change the reality for businesses and residents living in the Lardeau Valley.

I will be hosting a community conversation about the on-going issues of unstable power supply in the LV on August 21st, 6pm at Meadow Creek Hall (LVCC)

For your reading pleasure:…/…/ddm-annual-report-2019-04-30.pdf