RDCK monthly board meeting items of interest.

This month’s board meeting in on Thursday, August 15th.

To see what the RDCK will be debating, follow this link.

Items of interest:
5.2 UBCM resolution with accompanying documentation on Regional management of Forestry *I will note that the recommendation in the attached report for revitalizing the forest industry are quite aligned with the Province request for input on the very issue- much of what is named in that document is what was raised at our recent regional stakeholders meeting about renewal of the forest sector, see previous post for link on input period and policy papers or contact me

6.2 Funding for Childcare spaces- anyone endeavoring to enhance or build new childcare spaces will be eager to see these funds available from the Province

6.6 Reintroduction of Salmon into the Columbia system- this is the historical letter of understanding signed by 5 orders of government

6.8 Letter from the province outlining funding for volunteer and/or societies operating fire departments. The letter indicated societies do qualify- thinking of JLCA and ACA who have been discussing acquiring fire fighting equipment as neither have a fire service. Please review and make contact direct with the province if you are interested.

9.2.2 Builder incentive program- proposal is for RDCK to step up to support a builder incentive program when building to code 1 for those in the BC Hydro service area. Those in the Forits area do have access to these grants, but from Fortis. Read the report for details

9.3.1 Nelson Eco Depot- the Central Resource will now have an eco depot, It will be located in Nelson but we have asked for the depot to track where residents are coming from so we can re-evlaute where we may need to focus for other depots. The RDCK has provided household round up on a rotating basis, we will still do this in our remote locations such as Kaslo but now the region will have a year round eco depot as well.

9.3.2 Recycle BC contract- we are almost ready to sign over recycling to the provincial organization responsible for recycling. This will have an impact to the commercial ICI (institutional, commercial and industrial) sector as RBC does not allow these participants. We will be discussion options for how we handle the separation and continue service for our small businesses- or not.