Aimee Watson update, Sept. 15th

September is the busiest month!! I am currently away in Kimberly at the Transboundary conference where all matters relating to the Columbia River Treaty are being discussed. As a member of the local government committee, I was able to meet with the chief negotiator for Canada and BC. All questions, ideas and suggestions are received with open minds. We discussed community input from our meetings in Meadow Creek last year and will provide these updates and responses, such as options to decommission Duncan and fish passage, back to the community late November.
You can see conference details here:

Next week is our board week. I have 6 meetings over three days.
Tuesday I will join the provincial webinar with RDCK staff on the Clean BC Plastics policy discussion,you can review and provide input on the plan here:…/co…/cleanbc-plastics-action-plan/

then a meeting with emergency services to discuss first responders in NKL. Later in the day, Central Resource Recovery Committee. You can find the agenda here:…/Waste…/Documents/2019-09-17_CRR_Agenda.pdf

Wednesday we have Rural Affairs Committee:…/…/meetings/rural-affairs-committee-20.html

and then All Recreation:

Then the grand finale, the RDCK Board meeting agenda. Items of highlight:
9.3.2 Clean BC Plastics Action Plan:
– you can see the boards draft submission
9.5.4 Evacuation Route Planning:
– this funding includes Argenta Johnsons Landing, stay tuned for engagement.…/Go…/Documents/2019-09-19-BRD_Agenda-lr.pdf

I am back home for the weekend then off to the annual UBCM conference to meet with ministers and discuss a myriad of issues. If you are interested in what I will be raising at UBCM, reach out to me via email and I will happily send you our briefing notes. As Chair, most of my meetings are for the board as a whole. This is the busiest conference I attend where opportunities for discussions are endless and most days are 10-12 hours days between meetings, conference sessions and resolutions.