To late, but necessary to expose the BC Government’s removal of conservation efforts for critical caribou habitat. Jan. 9th


The BC Government is proposing to expand the predator kill program to the Central Selkirk caribou herd.

We only learned about this yesterday.  Again we have been given hardly any time to encourage engagement in an ecologically detrimental decision. The DEADLINE to comment is THURSDAY, JANUARY 9TH.

While predator species are targeted for removal in a supposed “conservation effort”, motorized recreation groups are still allowed to play in most of the herd’s critical habitat! Only 3.3% of the Central Selkirk herd’s critical Ungulate Winter Range habitat has been set aside from motorized winter recreation, even though the science says that these activities cause detrimental stress, prime habitat abandonment and reproductive failure.

The caribou are an indicator for a systematic issue that threatens our own survival. But government continues to cater to groups that want to play in critical habitat by choosing the band-aid solution of predator killing instead of habitat protection or recreation closures.

Killing apex predators so that people can continue to decimate sensitive ecosystems and drive our threatened species to the brink of extinction is not a plan rooted in solving the ecological crisis.

Please email: AND c.c. to let the BC Government know if you oppose a predator kill program for the Central Selkirk Mountain Caribou herd.   

Please consider these points when writing your letter:  

– Habitat loss is the true cause of the caribou decline. The Mountain Caribou Ungulate Winter Range (UWR) is insufficient. It left out prime habitat areas including critical low elevation habitat that is necessary for the survival of the Central Selkirk herd. The issue of ongoing habitat destruction should be addressed before resorting to a predator cull.                

– The BC government has announced that no further habitat protection is warranted for the entire Southern Group of Southern Mountain Caribou, also known as the Deep-Snow Mountain Caribou. These caribou are genetically and ecologically distinct caribou found nowhere but in BC’s interior Wetbelt. 

– The caribou are an indicator of a general ecosystem collapse that also threatens human life. The old growth forests that the caribou need are also crucial to the future of humanity. 

– Only 3.3% of the Central Selkirk herd’s critical habitat UWR is permanently closed to motorized winter recreation. Extensive motorized recreation in prime habitat creates displacement and reproductive stress. 

– Government is implementing a “moving closure” that would buffer the few caribou in the Central Selkirk herd that have telemetry collars, but this plan does not take into account the majority of the herd that is uncollared, or the fact that motorized recreation surrounding the caribou can corral them into unfavorable areas and increase predator access by compacting snow into “predator highways”.

– Instead of a predator cull, the Central Selkirk caribou need an expansion of permanent motorized winter recreation closure zones that they can rely on for refuge.   

Thank you for being a voice for our life-giving ecosystems.
We need to speak up now more than ever.

Together for change, 

Amber Peters
BIT, Campaigner
Valhalla Wilderness Society

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