Wildlife rescue association BC, bird feeder care.

During the winter months salmonella infection is common in Pine Siskins. Bird feeders are a significant source of transmission. When feeding in close proximity disease can easily be passed from bird to bird. Symptoms:- Birds look puffed-up and sleepy- Not alert or moving very much- Often have seeds all over their beak- May be dead birds nearby. If you find a symptomatic bird:- Try to capture bird by placing a small cloth over top and putting in a ventilated cardboard box- WASH YOUR HANDS; salmonella can spread to humans and pets- Call Wildlife Rescue Association of BC at 604-526-7275. What you can do:- Take down feeder for at least two weeks. Ensure you are no longer seeing sick birds before you put it back up. If sick birds are still present we encourage you to leave it down for the remainder of the winter.- Before you put your feeders back up – disinfect in 10% bleach solution, rinse thoroughly, dry thoroughly, and put in FRESH feed. Make sure to repeat this cleaning WEEKLY to prevent another infection.- Sweep up all spilled food underneath feeder and discard.Read about this serious issue and how you can help: https://www.wildliferescue.ca

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