Local Handmade Pies!

^^Handmade at the Laid Back Manor in Cooper Creek, BC

Call 250-366-0037 to place an order, or email digyourownwhole@gmail.com


^^Handmade Artisan pies at the Laid Back Manor in Cooper Creek^^

1. Aussie Meat Pies.

Authentic Aussie Meat Pies made by Authentic Aussies Grayson and Finnegan right here in Cooper Creek!!  (I’m an Aussie Canadian by birth, and Finn by blood…) Fully endorsed by ‘mum and the family in Stanthorpe, Queensland!!  No extra veggies but onion+garlic, no grain filler, just straight up grade A (Canadian) BEEF in a rich stock as any native Queenslander will tell’ya is the one and ONLY ‘authentic’ way to make an Aussie meat pie.  Hand made butter-only short crust base, puff pastry lid – can be eaten straight outta your hands during outdoor sports/activities – whatever you’re doing on the go.  OR.  Eaten off your best china with British Earl Grey tea if you’re one of them ‘civilized’ English urban Aussies…..  Traditionally served warmed up to spec. with a dab of ketchup!!  Bloody legend mate.  Case of 6 6” pies: $90.

2. Laid Back Veggie Pies!!

Organic OM Black beluga lentils cooked to perfection (not hard or mushy, but juuuuust SO).  Organic veggies from Vince and Earth Temple gardens in Argenta and Meadow Creek – seasonally may contain fresh organic veg. from the Laid Back Manor Farm in Cooper Creek!!  Carrots, potatoes, onion, garlic, and peas – possibly a hint of hubbard squash if the season is right^^  Short crust base and puff pastry ‘latticed’ cap, can be eaten by hand on the go or heated on the plate if you’re feeling country civilized!!  Best warmed up with a dab of ketchup or the equivalent local organic sauce of your choosing^^  100% vegetarian pies for the discerning lacto-oval herbivore^^

Case of 6 6” pies: $70.

3. ‘Romantic Reflections’ Cherry Pies…..

As an English major at UVIC, Grayson covered a wide range of literature with a focus on the English Romantic poets among others.  So imagine his amusement when the University of Saskatchewan chose to name the best results of their incredible ‘sour cherry (dwarf/shrub) breeding program’ with names like ‘Romeo, Juliet, Cupid, and Valentino!!’  What syncronicity!! These are in fact the varieties of cherry grown at the Laid Back Manor Farm in Cooper Creek, and that go into all the hand made cherry pies baked here.  The trees are carefully tended year-round and contain no worms whatsoever thanks to a meticulous process of spring spraying (ground only – a mild sulphur based compound) and ‘Kootenay Covers’ during fruit growth.  This guarantees a significant 100% yield and NO WORMS whatsoever.  100% organic and no pesticides is our ongoing and unrelenting commitment to the earth and people we feed here.  The combination of sour cherry and sweet cane sugar makes these pies unforgettably delicious.  Presenting you with our best is an honor and a pleasure.  Best regards from Grayson and Finnegan at Laid Back Manor Farm!!  Cheers!!

*seasonal* Case of 6 6” pies: $72.

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