Political Updates

Spring 2021 Directors Report – Area D

Aimee Watson, Directors Report, May 7th

Update from Aimee Watson

RDCK taking further actions in response to COVID-19

Letter of support from Aimee Watson

Update from RDCK Director Aimee Watson, March 16

RDCK Housing Survey, an assessment of housing needs.

RDCK Heritage Registry is now online, Feb.2020

Update & RDCK weekly agenda, from Aimee Watson, Feb. 2020

RDCK seeking evaluation project for fuel sources in the regions forestry practices, Jan. 30th

RDCK, Jan. 2020 Agenda, thanks to Aimee Watson

Update from Aimee Watson, on power instability in the LV, attached minutes and BC Hydro’s response. Jan 9th, 2020

Independent power production discussion/input link Aug. 1


Area D Political Representatives

Regional Electoral Area D Director:
Aimee Watson
250 304 5842

Provincial MLA: 
Michelle Mungall 

Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness.
Community Office10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Thursday
433 Josephine Street, Nelson, V1L 1W4

Telephone: 250-354-5944 | Toll-free: 1-877-388-4498 | Fax: 250-354-5937

Federal MP:
Rob Morrison
Main office – Cranbrook
800 C Baker Street
Cranbrook, British Columbia
V1C 1A2

Telephone: 250-417-2250
Fax: 250-417-2253