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Cooper Creek Cedar Update from Bill Kestell, April 15, 2021

Update from CCC & Bill Kestel, May 7th

Cooper Creek Cedar’s Bill Kestell and attached report from Brenda Herbison, April 23, 2020

Bill Kestell, Cooper Creek Cedar update of Salisbury Creek Terrain Stability and Karst assessment, April 2nd

Cooper Creek Cedar update from Bill Kestell, March 19

Nov. 4th Cooper Creek Cedar, Bill Kestell update

Update from Bill Kestell, Cooper Creek Cedar, logging Argenta Johnson Landing Face. Oct 10th

Cooper Creek Cedar update from Bill Kestell, Sept. 24th 2019

Summary of meeting with Cooper Creek Cedar, FLNRO, RDCK, ADHOC Aug. 13th

Aug. 14th Cooper Creek Cedar update from Bill Kestell

Bill Kestell, overview of meeting on June 13th, Argenta, Johnsons Landing logging process and timelines.

Environmental and Government contact list

Michelle Mungall presents petitions of moratorium on logging the Argenta/Johnsons Landing face, and the full protection of public land!

Letter from CCC, Bill Kestell

Argenta/JL Face logging “the Nelson Star”