Local Businesses

Local Accommodations 

Eagles Nest Guesthouse

Eagles Nest Guesthouse, Meadow Creek BC:  This sweet little lodge can accommodate eight or more people, with two kitchenettes, and two large bathrooms.
Contact Irene Brinkmann at 250-366-4200 or email: irenebrinkman@gmail.com



Grandma’s Farm Vacations

Grandma’s Farm Vacations & Catering: Accommodation for all occasions, Guest House, B&B, Cabins and Tipi Camping. Argenta BC, 1259 Argenta Rd. For all inquiries contact Sara Adair 250 366 0041 grandmasfarmvacations.com or  saraadair888@gmail.com

Meadow Creek Rental Accommodation

Meadow Creek Rental Accommodation, Meadow Creek BC. Fully furnished, 2 queen-size beds, 2 bathrooms. Nightly, Weekly and Monthly rates! Perfect for a SLEDDING weekend! Call Kris or Mark at 250 366 4216 for more info.


D.Borsos  Airheart Designs: Original pastels and cards.
dborsos@lardeauvalley.com  PH: (250) 366-4325

Canterbury Leatherwork  PH: (250) 366-4427  GD Argenta BC V0G1B0

Spring Shine, Sculpture: springshinesculptur.com PH: (250) 353 3105

Grasshopper Lane Artworks: wood marquetry, oil and acrylics, soapstone sculpture, stained glass, face and body painting   Yvonne Boyd
GD Argenta BC V0G1B0 grasshopperlane@gmail.com  PH: (250) 366-4664

Kris De Saeger: Illustrator,  Krisdesaegar@yahoo.co.uk   PH: (250) 366-4292

Brynne Carra:   Photography, http://brynnecarra.wix.com/instinctphotography
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/InstinctPetPhotography

EyeoftheMind Photography Louis Bockner http://www.eyeofthemind.zenfolio.com lbockner@hotmail.com

LaserdIt Laser etching and cutting on wood, stone, glass and acrylic.
http://www.laserdit.ca laserdit@lardeauvalley.com   PH: (250) 366-4206

Nature Photographer Jim Lawrence http://www.kootenayreflections.com jim@kootenayreflections.com

Sculptor Christopher Peterson large sculpting using local materials PH: (250) 366-4226

Shine Designs one of a kind felted hats and accessories  http://www.shinedesigns.ca elisashine@yahoo.com PH: (250) 366-0081

Soapstone Sculpting http://www.soapstone-sculpture.com springisshining@yahoo.com


Steve Bueler Tire changing and repair PH: (250) 366-4212


Argenta Timberworks
 Chris Peterson   Argenta   PH” (250) 366-4226

Dwyer Engineering Design, installation and maintenance of septic systems, waterlines, drain lines and driveways   Dave and Ryan Dwyer   piptherip@gmail.com PH: (250) 366-4342

Hamill Creek Timber Frame Homes  Complete custom home design, timber frame consulting, mill work, timber frame cutting and raisings. Based in Meadow Creek, Hamill creek Timber Homes has been dedicated to the tradition of designing and crafting custom timber frames since 1989, building unique timber frame homes, resorts and clubhouses worldwide. http://www.hamillcreek.com sales@hamillcreek.com PH: (250) 366-4320 Fax (250) 366-4333

Kootenay Environmental Waste water systems management and operation
Paul Kelly  PH: (250) 366-4301

Scott Fettes Journeyman carpenter Meadow Creek PH: (250) 366-4136

Small House Innovation Chandler Rogers    Hamill Creek http://www.smalhouseinnovation.com chandler@smallhouseinovation.com
PH: (250) 366-4674  cell (250) 366-4152

Tree to Truss Timber Framing      GD Argenta BC V0G 1B0 http://www.treetotrusstimberframes.ca  Home: (250) 366-0028 or Cell (250) 353-8775

White Goat Enterprises Geothermal Installation, ventilation, excavation, land clearing building and Radon gas testing    Duncan Lake,   Hamill Creek PH: (250) 366-4664  cell: (250) 353-8881

Eagle Eye custom saw milling: Lorne Schell construction (250) 366 4483 lorne54@live.ca


Breanne Hope: local, wildcatted remedies, see also Health.
Contact: breanne.hope@gmail.com 
PH: 250 551 3985

Croissant Moon:
Contact: nancy_ryde@hotmail.com

Rawesome Delights:
Contact: rawesomecloud@gmail.com
Jane Gao   PH: (250) 366-4444
Small healthy food catering business. Rawsome Delights caters small events such as birthday parties, workshops, small re-unions, music shows, etc. Almost entirely (95%) organic ingredients, including food from my own garden. My dishes are all vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free, and without refined sugar. I specialize in raw desserts and raw snacks, but I can make traditional cooked dishes as well.


Scarlett’s Electric Ray Valentine PH: (250) 366-4468


Don Edwards Bob cat with bucket, back hoe, brush/log grapple, snow blade, rebar bender pallet forks, log splitter     dwedwards@lardeauvalley.com   PH: (250) 366-4206

Howser Ridge Holdings Log hauling and excavation
Bill Hill     howserridge@live.com  PH: (250) 366-4652

Northend Yard Works Bobcat Services snow plowing, sand & gravel and landscaping
Kelly Abey    PH: (250) 366-4207 or Hal Orr (250) 366-4275

White Goat Enterprises Geothermal Installation, ventilation, excavation, land clearing, building and Radon gas testing    Duncan Lake    Hamill Creek PH: (250) 366-4664


Triple B Salvage Logging Contractor
Cord Bauer    PO Box 397 Meadow Creek  PH: (250) 366-4394


Earth Temple Gardens   https://earthtemplegardens.wordpress.com/
Phone: (250) 509-4279

Funk Farm   flowers and garden starts; greenhouse; contact: funkfarm@hotmail.com

Lakehead and Beyond Produce: PO Box 14, Meadow Creek BC V0G 1N0 www.lakeheadproducts.webs.com 

Meadow Creek Organics: CSA boxes, local produce Rachael: 13327 Highway 31, Meadow Creek PH: (250) 366-0066

McIntyre Farm Organic winter vegetables    Vince McIntyre   2503664440

Tipiland Organic Produce Garlic, herbs and vegetable, flowers. Certified organic by Kootenay Organic Growers Cositey. Mostly wholesale. GD Argenta V0G1B0     gadiers@yahoo.ca PH: (250) 366-4455

Willet Peak Organics. Argenta BC: www.willetpeakorganics.com


Argenta Greenhouse Company
1500 Argenta Rd, Argenta BC V0G1B0 PH: (250) 366-4223

Leisure Cedar Patio Furniture is a family business building the finest outdoor furniture (patio, pool, garden or deck) Larry Leonard custom designs made in Lardeau BC
www.leisurecedar.ca  leisurecedar.ca@lardeauvalley.com PH: (250) 366-4412

Treencraft Fine woodworking; chairs, bar stools, tables, cabinets, custom design    Dick Martin    Box 126 13349 Highway 31 Meadow Creek BC    http://www.treencraft.com  info@treencraft.com   PH: (250) 366-4682


 Lardeau Valley Service: Cooper Creek  Gas station, Diesel and propane, small convenience store and DVD’s available, also hunting tags and licenses. Monday to Fri: 7am to 6 pm, Sat 8 to 5, Sun and Hol: 9 to 5.    PH: (250) 366-4374

Meadow Creek Store: Meadow Creek. Groceries, hardware ,gas, liquor Agency, post office,  lottery outlet,  Notary Public (by appt) fax and copy services mon to Sat 9 am to 6 pm  meadowcreekstore@telus.net  (250) 366-4216    fax 2503660080


GIS (Geographical Information System): layouts of property boundaries, forest mapping, etc.    Cheryl Hillier   PH: (250) 366-4301


Breanne Hope: Local, wildcrafted remedies, free consultations, certified herbal practitioner, Doterra essential oils independent consultant breanne.hope@gmail.com
PH: (250) 551 3985 see also Catering.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine Garden product business Microrisal spores etc.. http://www.dragonflyearthmedicine.com  33dragonfly@gmail.com

Feldenkrais practitioner – Gentle healing of aches and pains with Feldenkrais. Private sessions          fully-clothed. Improve chronic pain, aging symptoms, movement problems from strokes etc.  Curious?  Is this what you need to improve the quality of your life? susangrimble@telus.net PH: (250) 366-4395

Johnsons Landing Retreat CentrRichard Ortega   RR1 S4 C31 Kaslo BC V0G1M0 Johnson’s landing   information@johnsonslandingretreat.bc.ca
PH: (250) 366-4402   http://www.johnsonslandingretreat.bc.ca

Melaleuca – Using Melaleuca Oil- Cosmetics, shampoos, Energy bars, cleaners, soaps, doggie treats, candles and much more. Sonja Franz PH: (250) 366-4286

Young Living – Essential oils, Ningxia red juice, vitamins, minerals, face cream, lotions, etc. Sonja Franz PH: (250) 366-4286


Guitar Lessons and Beginner Banjo and Mandolin with Sean Rodman.

Wide variety of styles/genres. $25/hr at my studio or $30/hr in your home or
Mondays in the Mountain Fruit Folklore Center in Kaslo.
sean.acoustic@gmail.com PH: (250) 366-0077. Website: http://seanacoustic.wix.com/seanrodman

Argenta Audio Recording Studio: A sound treated space with quality gear and
people.  Perfect place to cut an album, a demo or record any audio
production.  Studio musicians available.  Talk to Sean Rodman for a
quote: sean.acoustic@gmail.com PH: (250) 366-0077. Website: http://seanacoustic.wix.com/seanrodman

Musicians for Hire:  For events, parties, weddings, or any occasion.  Wide variety of styles and instrumentation.  Full band – duo or solo configurations.  Talk to Sean Rodman sean.acoustic@gmail.com PH: (250) 366-0077.
Website: http://seanacoustic.wix.com/seanrodman


Meadow Creek Store – book ahead for appointment (250) 366-4216


Argenta Post Office Open Mondays: 930-130, Wednesdays 930-530 (closed 130-230) Fridays:  930-130

Meadow Creek Post Office See Meadow Creek Store, under Gas & Groceries


Argenta Community Hall: 1024 Argenta Rd V0G1B0 hall bookings available for a variety of events.  GD Argenta BC. V0G1B0.   For hall bookings:   argentabooker@gmail.com

Brightside Adventures Climbing Wall Duncan Lake, Hamill Creek PH: (250) 366-4664

Lardeau River Adventures Ltd

359 Meadow Creek Road,
PO BOX 158, Meadow Creek, BC, V0G 1N0
PH: (250) 366-4338       1 855 400 RAFT (toll free)
info@lardeauvalleyadventures.com http://www.LardeauRiverAdventures.com
The Kootenay Rockies Premier Adventure!

Lardeau Valley Community Hall  Meadow Creek Bowling, karate, library. Hall rentals for your next celebration. PH: (250) 366-4236


Boards By George http://www.boardsbygeorge.ca  PH: (250) 366-4235

Lardeau Forest Products Small custom cut sawmill specializing in high quality timbers for timber frame home companies. website: http://www.lardeauforestproducts.ca
Phone: (855) 776-9003


Selkirk Wilderness Skiing Box 10 Meadow Creek V0G1N0 http://www.selkirkwilderness.com info@selkirkwilderness.com  Toll free: 1 800 799-3499   or    (250) 366-4424

White Grizzly Lodge, Cabin and Snowcat Adventures All-inclusive backcountry skiing and snowboarding December to April. Meals and accommodation year round. Advance reservations required. Carole and Brad Karafil Box 129 Meadow Creek VOG 1N0 http://www.whitegrizzly.com  snowcats@direct.ca   PH: (250) 366-4306

Steve Bueler Meadow Creek PH: (250) 366-4212



Joey’s Welding Joey McGoey Argenta PH: (250) 366-4489

Top End Welding Jim Mainland Meadow Creek jim_top_end@yahoo.ca PH: (250) 366-4681