Energy Conservation Assistance program

About the program:

Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP)

Watch a quick video about ECAP – click here.

Participants benefit from a free home energy evaluation, advice on saving energy and free installation of products such as: 

·         LED light bulbs

·         kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators

·         water-efficient showerheads

·         hot water pipe wrap

·         exterior door weatherstripping

·         carbon monoxide alarms 

Some homes may also qualify for an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator; attic, wall and/or crawlspace insulation; or a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or a furnace rebate.

Every home is different. Your program representative will determine which energy-efficiency upgrades your home is eligible for. Additional visits may be needed to install some equipment if your home qualifies.

Important opportunity Area D residents! message from Chair Watson.

Do you want to be involved in land use planning in Area D? Economic Development? Glacier Creek campground? All three of the these commissions have openings for new members. No better way to be directly involved in local services and to ensure that they are indeed informed by not just me, as your Area D Director, but by you- the people! Exciting, I promise! Area D Commission AppointmentsArea D has several commissions that are seeking new appointments. All positions are voluntary. If you would like to inquire, send me an email. • Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Commission (EDC), meets once a month in person or virtual. • Glacier Creek Regional Park Commission, has met once a year for budget discussions. • Advisory Planning Commission (APC), has not met in person for years, most correspondence is via email. Commissions are a unique tool to ensure that local services are relevant to the people using them. Each commission has its own level of engagement, some with more than others. I would like to see Glacier Creek and the APC be more engaged commissions. The EDC does have an active status with monthly meetings, a strategic plan being created and several large projects on the go. If you are interested in taking an active role in local services, I look forward to hearing from you.

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